Surviv io

About (Survivio) game

Surviv ioIo shooter Survive io (Survivio) is divided into rounds with only one winner after the time. Indeed “There should only be one” – time is limited to rounds and space is reduced. The battlefield is constantly narrowing. By this it is necessary to fight for your existence. is more like a shooter because the battle takes place at a distance with the use of small arms. But do not forget that this is IO shooter and accordingly quite simple. So, not demanding and nimble in comparison even with some io games. The name of the game most likely can be associated with the word Survive (short for one letter only). In this game it means surviving on battle fild. Most likely it is, because the essence of the game is that only one should survive. That’s why you need to try hard to make sure that it’s you!

Game control

Control in Survive Io: Surviv io corresponds to the standards of io games, therefore nothing complicated or new. Find and change weapons, ammunition, equipment plus tips on the game (press F to …). AWSD – the direction of movement, the Mouse – the direction of the shooting and the LMB to shoot, F – the action (take the weapon). You can beat without weapons – with your fists.

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