Agar Gold

Abour Agar.Gold game

Agar GoldAgar Gold is replenishment in the category of game similar to the agario, but with a gold design. Agario Gold is fundamentally no different than the famous original. It is still necessary to collect colored forage and absorb smaller rivals. Still beware of spiked circles that can break you apart for a short time. But this time can be quite enough for the opponents to eat you. You can divide by your own will. Pressing the spacebar will throw out some of your mass in the direction indicated by the mouse and get a general acceleration.

How to play Agar Gold

Rules in golden agar are the same as for all varieties of agario games.

1. Eat multicolored food and rivals that are less than you (or parts thereof).
2. When you increase the mass, you move more slowly, but less dangerous enemies.
3. Pressing the space will divide your cell into parts and spit the mass in the specified direction. So you can absorb the fleeing target or yourself to break away from the pursuers.
5. Management in Agar.Gold: Agario Gold
Mouse indicate the direction of the movement of the cell. Use the space bar to separate, so you increase the speed and aim to throw the mass in the direction indicated by the mouse. In the settings you can change the color of the game board, remove the chat, remove the skins, remove the colors, hide the mass counters, turn on or off the effects.
Enjoy your game! Agar Gold game like all agario games is not annoying.

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