Alis io

Game Alis io (Alisio) stylish game similar to Agario will give pleasure to all connoisseurs of this style. Much in the game you can customize to your liking. Harmoniously fits into the list and enjoy, above all, its own personalization capabilities.

About Alis io

Alis io game well complements and fully matches the direction of games in the style of agario. The same rules and gameplay combined with graphical changes that improve visual perception. You can grow a cell by absorbing food in the form of dots or by absorbing other players of smaller size. Circles on the playing field will carry you to pieces for a short period of time.

Basic Alis io (Alisio) rules for newbie.

Nutrition is not only due to the absorption of enemies. You can increase the size of your cell by eating a feed that looks like a dot. But the increase in weight is much greater when eating opponents. The speed of movement is inversely proportional to the size of your pet. To accelerate, you need to break into smaller parts. Use this function to chase the prey, but remember that while you are at risk of becoming a prey.

Control in

Movement behind the cursor of the mouse or contact in the right place on the touchscreen. Break into pieces to speed up with a space. W use for mass attack in the specified direction. In the game Alis io (Alisio) provides many tinctures for personalization.

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