Combat Strike

Combat Strike is a first-person browser-based online shooter like CS with all popular maps. Also, in the game Combat Strike many new weapons that you can get free have been added. Weapons can be found anywhere on the battlefield. In the beginning you appear with a gun in your hand. In order to have something better right from the start, you need to unlock it. There are several ways to arm yourself well. You can buy a cool gun or get it as reward after a few days of play.

In the game Combat Strike io you can create or join one of the rooms and fight until the end of the round. When creating, select the type of duel – team or classic desmatch. Specify the maximum number of players and select your favorite map. In the list you can find all the most popular CS maps plus new Battle Royale map. You can name your room to make it easier for friends to join you. Round duration is 5 minutes. Wins a player or team that will destroy more opponents. Money earned is spent on improvements.
Control is common for shooting games.
AWSD or arrows for movement.
Left click – shoot.
Right click – aim.
Ctrl – prone.
C – sit down.
F – pick up weapon.
Tab – go to the menu.
Enjoy CS 1.6 in browser mode!

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