Crashy io

Crashy io fun and dynamic online game with fighting cars. You need to ram all players around and use for this only the front of your car. The front of your car is strong, but the side and the backside are vulnerable to rival attacks. Fight with a contender face to face in order to make a worthy competition.

Abour game

Crashy ioDo not substitute or run straight. The pursuer can not easily overtake you if you change direction. In accordance with the laws of motion of the car in the game Crashy io cars are moving with little skidding. It seems that the ice on the playing fild. Columns in the form of bricks slightly interfere with movement, but you need to learn how to use it for your own benefit. Behind this obstacle you can hide or spin around avoiding the attack of a strong opponent.

How to play Crashy io

Two indicators are located above your toy car. Red indicates the health reserve that you lose after striking from the competitor. A yellow bar is an acceleration stock. Accordingly, it decreases with the use of acceleration (pressing LMB). Stocks of both in the game Crashy io resume very quickly. To do this, it is enough to collect a few coins on the playing field. Raising the level is also due to the collected coins. Points earned in the game are visible on the right side of the screen in the rating table. Have fun!

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