Defly io

Defly io game it’s cute combination of flying game and shooter with territory control. In Defly io you need to fly by helicopter to build fortifications and shoot at competitors.

Abour Defly io game

How to play

Manage the helicopter in the Defly io game standard for computer games. You can use the AWSD buttons or the arrows on the keyboard.
To put the anchor point, press the space bar. When building walls, watch the thickness of the binding thread, the longer the distance the thinner the thread and eventually the thread breaks. For shooting, as usual, use the LMC. You need to shoot at the pivot points of opponents and on the opponents themselves. Or rather, on an enemy helicopter.
Maneuver in combat that would not be an easy target. You can deprive the enemy of territory in two ways. The first is to destroy the anchor points and the second more effective is to shoot down the competitor’s helicopter. Increase to your possessions it will not, but will clear the area to expand the area you control. Who owns large territories in is the leader. In the game, upgrades are possible for your helicopter when you raise your level – for example to the 20th.

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