Era7 io

Era7 io is an online card game containing modern cryptotechnologies. Moreover, you can play in your browser without installation. Arrange battle cards on the playing field in such a way as to resist the opponent’s attacks and cause damage to the opponent’s table. Era7 is a whole game world with a very rich structure. So you can play to enjoy winning, you can play to earn coins, you can buy or sell main characters and game cards, and much more!

Era7 ioThe game plan for a beginner in Era7 io is something like this:
1. Play quick matches until you reach level 15.
2. Then you can fight in ranked matches and earn some money.
3. Go on an expedition and get a generous reward depending on how far you go. 4.
If you are already confident in your abilities, then you can fight in the tavern – here the game is for money.

You can get acquainted with game in free-to-play mode. Create an account and start playing quick matches. So you will understand the basic principles, get acquainted with the features of different races and the capabilities of game cards. All base cards will become available after reaching level 15. More game cards, as well as their upgrades are possible in the market.