Feudal Wars .io

Feudal Wars .io online RTS io game with a story unfolding in the Middle Ages. The structure of the gameplay in the game is complicated. What would take some time to sort out. Therefore, the game may not seem very understandable and at first do not cause interest.

FeudalWars io – RTS io game

Feudal Wars .ioIn Feudalwars io R.T.Strategy there are several basic game options that you can choose. Firstly, you have the opportunity to choose the kingdom or castle to which your army will belong, the combat characteristics differ in the amount of force and damage inflicted in the battle. Secondly, you need to choose the type of game. This can be a random game with any opponents on any map or a created game with friends.
Your task is to conquer the map in order to prove your superiority. To do this, you need to capture neutral castles or conquer and take it away from rivals. With the seizure of a new territory, your treasury is replenished and the strength of the army is growing. In general, everything is logical and corresponds to the rules of the Middle Ages.
Good luck in the battles! Learn the game and enjoy the victories in Lord io game Feudal Wars online.

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