FlyOrDie io

The meaning of the game FlyOrDie io is the development of the food chain. The law of nature – the strong eats the weak. Fly Or Die io game is something new in the style of the But in the other animals and own specific features of movement and control. If your character dies several times in a row, then you have to start all over again.

About (Fly Or Die .io game)

FlyOrDie ioThe name of the game Fly Or Die warns you that you need to constantly move and take off at the approach of the slightest danger. The dynamics of movement is a little uncommon, so you will be required a little practice to acquire the skills of precise control. In the game FlyOrDie io you start your evolution with a fly. In order to grow a fly, it’s not hard to guess what you’ll have to eat. What is it, figure it out for yourself. Well and so it will be further. For example, when you become a butterfly, you can eat pollen. In the future, the main source of food for you will be weaker characters. You can identify those who can be eaten by green highlighting. Also, the set of your menu will be visible on the screen immediately below the bar that showing your progress of moving to the next level of the food chain. Dangerous creatures will be highlighted in red.
In addition to food your character needs water. The indicator of thirst gradually decreasing and warning that it is necessary to drink water. You can do this by immersing yourself in a pond. At the bottom of pond you can also find edible species for yourself. It is impossible to stay long under water as oxygen supplies are exhausted. The oxygen indicator is visible to you next to all the indicators at the top of the screen. Play FlyOrDie io game and master your skills of control to evolve to the level of dangerous predators.

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