Gunzer io

Gunzer io game can be considered a new direction of browser io games. This is a mix of strategy and shooter. The structure of the game is similar to Lord io game, but with a more pronounced emphasis on the battle. You do not need to build barracks and fortresses. In this game your character with the army is a fortress. It turns out that something like a mobile base on the principle of all I carry with me. You only need to invest the earned money in strengthening the hired warriors.


Gunzer io gameThe size of its capital you can see on the control panel next to the icons available for hiring warriors. Here is the price for each mercenary. In the process of the game you will discover new types of warriors available. You can increase your capital in the Gunzer io game by destroying enemies or collecting boxes scattered in the game field in gray boxes. There are money in these boxes.

A nice improvement in the Gunzer io game is that there is a limit to the number of soldiers. The emphasis is not on the strength of the army but on its quality. To hire a more powerful warrior, you need to free up space by clicking the red garbage button. You can easily remove a weak combat unit or just lose it in battle, and hire stronger fighters. Now the characters will not move along the playing field, accompanied by a cloud of warriors that sometimes occupy the entire screen.

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