Mobsmash io

Enjoy Mobsmash io funny ​​game in which you need to collect an army of mobs around yourself for fights with competitors. To do this, you will have to subdue wild unbridled mobs. They can be different in strength, so from the start rush at all indiscriminately is not worth it.

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Mobsmash ioYou need to adequately assess your strength. Your power in depends on the number and quality of combat units in your gang. All members of your dangerous group are following you. When you meet with wild mobs, a fight begins. If you beat that number of wards increases. By this principle, you can collect a few dozen fighters under your leadership. At the end of the game you get a points. Next time you will be able to purchase improvements for the following combat campaigns.
More points and warriors you get in a fight with an online competitor. During mass pvp your mobs are not restored. The winner will take some of the experience from the loser. And of course the army will replenish.


Mobsmash io game is a prime example of the simplicity of IO games. You only need a mouse. Left click to move and to attack. Right click to use the skill (booster).

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