game is a fun life simulator. Your character needs to go through the life cycle and live to mature. In Nend io you will have to learn how to survive, like in real life. The game has many options and an unlimited storyline. Players create their own game by their actions.
From the very beginning you can create a skin for yourself – choose male or female, skin color and hairstyle.

About Nend io

Nend.ioThe graphics in the game are very simple, but the game makes sense. Something like Tamagotchi, only the diversity here is hundreds of times larger. This idea attracts and gives an opportunity to have a good rest from real life and real problems.

How to play Nend io game

In the game you need to collect money and spend it to ensure life and develop. You can literally collect money on the street, but it’s better to earn money. You can work for example at a computer. For money you will buy food, clothes and houses. The map of the game is divided into zones, living conditions in which are differ by requirements and capabilities. Choose a suitable for yourself conditions of life. In the process of the game you have more available skills and opportunities.
Your character has indicators of basic life processes and needs. You need to monitor these indicators to ensure the viability of your hero. As in real life, your character needs to eat and sleep. Carefully monitor the indicators, otherwise the hero will die from hunger. Without sleep your character will fall asleep on the street and it will be robbed and killed by other online players. You also need to go to the toilet and watch clothes.

Control in

The direction of movement is AWSD. Clicking the LMB is used to hit. Button E for action. M is logical, a map. Chat through Enter.Good Luck and have fun!

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