Quake io

Quake io is browser version of the game Quake 3 that give you opportunity to play this excellent online shooter in company with the best experienced players. You can fight with bots or with real rivals. There is a possibility to choose a map and game mode. In the Practice Match mode you can set the complexity of the game. To do this, select the desired strength and number of bots.
If you are a beginner then it will be hard for you to win in battle even against one weakest bot. But if you are a professional in this game then you can go straight to the Online Match section. Choose the map of interest to you with rivals online and enter into a crazy battle. Good luck!

The game Quake is very intense and fast. Therefore, the skill of moving and knowledge of the map are of particular importance. One second of delay will allow the opponent to earn points. A variety of fantastic weapons and colorful effects will make you happy. Also cool sound effects will not leave you indifferent.
Control. Use AWSD for movement.
Jumping – Space.
Mouse use to look around and aim.
Shoot – LMB.

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