Raaaaft io

Welcome to an excellent game Raaaaft io in where you have a raft on which you will have to survive in the ocean. Raft io game is an opportunity to go on an interesting adventure by going through which you will receive in reward – life. In the game you will find yourself on a raft in difficult conditions. With you, you will have very few resources for crafting and not a large supply of water and food. All the rest you will need to get and create. Only in this way it will be possible to survive.

Abour Raft io game Raaaaft io

Raaaaft ioSimilar games have already been, but now it’s the turn of io category. Stocks that you have at your disposal are visible in the cells above which are located two very important strips behind which you need to closely monitor. These are indicators of food and water reserves. If they are exhausted, then the health reserve will begin to decrease. And if you do not replenish the vital reserves, then you will perish in these cruel wild conditions. The game has chat, clans, community and a lot of interesting things.

How to play Raaaaft io

.The direction of movement is AWSD. Click is used in many cases and applies an action (Specify, take, drop, attack, etc.). The shortcut keys 1, 2, … 10 correspond to the items in your inventory. Chat – Enter.

How to survive on a raft in Raaaaft.io

In the upper left corner there is a menu in which you can find the action you need. Here are the items necessary to accomplish the task. First you need to make a desalination plant to extract water. Then you can craft a fishing rod to fish and build a grill to cook fish. Stock up with bandages – they will help replenish your health at a critical time. Especially when fighting with an online competitor. Most of the rest in the game Raft io: Raft Io you will find. Create items or select from competitors and become the strongest. The amount of fun in Raaaaft.io is not limited. Enjoy the wonderful game at Lord io.

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