Raft io

Raaaaft.io is a browser-based survival game in which you will play a little man. The basic rules of how to play Raaaft io you can quickly learn if you read the description or watch the video. In the game you will easily find friends and if you want, then join the clan. Playing in Raft io team is easier and more fun. The funny look of your character and the spectacular-looking sharks are pleasantly fun and pleasing to the eye.

In Raft io you will have to learn how to survive. At first you have nothing to lose. Only a few materials from which you can make a water maker and a fishing rod (you need to lift only one cube of gray from the water). The rest you will create from the collected resources. You can also pick up things on the spot where the players die. In addition to fighting hunger and thirst, death fights with rivals are waiting for you. But the game has the opportunity to be friends and help each other.
The game has its secrets and gameplay features, so it’s recommended to watch a video about the game before starting. The game continues to evolve and change. The developers are doing a good job. Appreciate the efforts of these guys. Try Raft io online game at Lord io.

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