Salvage Guns .io

Multiplayer browser game Salvage Guns where you can play tanks or military trucks to collect trophies. In the game Salvage Guns is very well developed gameplay. A variety of options will please even the most demanding user. These are good tanks only IO, so it designed to compete with an opponent online at any time.

About Salvage Guns .io game. Сhoose tank or military truck

Salvage Guns .ioSalvage Guns is ideal as a game for a short break or a long rest because the achieved results are saved and you can always go back and continue the game. You do not have to start every time from the beginning. Understand the rules of the game you can without any difficulties. You will be all clear. In a few minutes you will gain a sufficient amount of game experience in order to confront rivals. Your opponents, as it should be in the IO game, are real players from all over the world.

About military trucks

In Salvage Guns io game you can choose tank or truck. The truck is much faster and more suitable for collecting trophies. Especially will help out at the beginning of the game. Use it if you need a little money. The purpose of the truck is not only the collection of resources. If you install a cannon in the body, then you can also somehow defend yourself.

Abour Salvage Guns io tanks

Of course, the tank is more suitable for a battle. Has a strong armor, which is expressed in a stock of health and has powerful weapons. The drawback is only in the low speed of movement. Therefore, to collect resources, take the truck. Even if you take the car for 15k, then with good driving you will have time to collect more money in several times than was spent. And if you take a free car, the benefits are even more obvious. That’s just a stock truck is very poorly managed. Enjoy cool io games at Lord io.

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