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Stik ioIn Stik io the countdown of playing time is estimated not by hours or even minutes. The time count goes to seconds. Because every second in the game is already an achievement. The game is very intense and perfectly suited for pauses in work. This game will give a storm of emotions and will exhilarate even if you started to fall asleep in the workplace. Here you do not need to accumulate anything and build. Just need to go into the game and you are already fully in the full game process. The main thing is not to yawn. At any time you can be stabled on the stick in Stik io game. You, in turn, can also impose any player in spite of what place he has in the ranking. Rush games like have already proven the relevance of this type of fast io games in which you do not need to develop the character for a long time. The advantage is also in that you can just as quickly leave the game as entered. You will not be tormented by the question: – How so, I have been building for so long and now I need to go somewhere.

How to play Stik io is an excellent game for a short break. Your Stikman moves behind the cursor and does it very quickly and responsive. There is a big respect to the developers. When moving, in addition to fighting, you need to collect food. The second key in the game is a space – you need it to speed up. It’s All, You’re Ready! Ready to have fun and a good rest and play fast io games at Lord-io.

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