Tankoff game is high-quality tank arena with excellent graphics and interesting gameplay. A very cool maps and a huge selection of options. Tankoff resembles a full-fledged computer game, but actually goes online after minimal automatic settings. In the game, you earn experience that you can use to improve combat performance. The accumulated experience also raises your level. The higher the level the more powerful weapon is available for the battle. In general, everything is fair, if you want to manage an excellent fighting machine, you have to deserve this.

About Tankoff game

Tank offTank battle in online game Tank off occurs between two teams. Each group has its own base with which to start the offensive. The game is divided into rounds for 8 minutes, the timer counts down the time and during this time you need to score as many points as possible. During the battle, the team counts the kills of opponents and the number of captured flags.

Parameters of military equipment are as close to reality as possible. Even the slope of the tank to the side affects the accuracy of the shooting and requires corrections. Of course you have to take into account the distance at shooting. You can even shoot over an obstacle.

Control in Tank off online game as for PC game: AWSD to move your tank. The mouse is used to control the tower – aiming and shooting with the left click. Shift to accelerate.

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