Tolxy io

Abour Tolxy io game

Tolxy ioTolxy io game is another kind of agario game the most suitable for touchscreen is presented for fans of this style. The game has a team game. To do this, you need to share code that you can copy on the start page of the game Tolxy. Certain differences in Tolxy diversify the gameplay. For growth, you need to collect particles of mass on the playing field whose nutritional value is different. Basically, this is +1, +2, +3 to the mass, but sometimes there are bonus points even at +100. Therefore, the most effective food is the absorption of rivals.

How to play Tolxy io

The rules are very similar to the agario.
1. Absorb food particles and smaller rivals.
2. With increasing weight, the speed decreases, but you have fewer dangerous competitors.
3. Use the click to separate. This will give an increase in speed.
4. Use the teleport to move to another point on the map (for which this function is not clear).
5. Management in Tolxy io
Direction of movement, point with your mouse. Use the click LMB to divide, at the same time, the speed increases and the target mass ejection occurs in the direction indicated by the mouse. It is convenient to use in a battle when attacking a smaller target. In the game, you can change the scale with the help of scrolling. This makes it possible to increase the radius of the view, or, on the contrary, to look closer at the target.
Enjoy your game! Tolxy: The Tolxy game is pretty calm and you can relax.

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