Tribs io

Game Tribs io (Tribsio) – funny tribes io battles with nice color gameplay.A very exciting game is worth it to try to play. The principle of paper-scissors-rock is applied in Tribs io. But this idea is embodied in a very original style. Very high-quality design and many original add-ons make the game fascinating.

Basic Tribs io (Tribsio) rules for beginners.

Green plants absorb water hence the Green kill the Blue. Water extinguishes the fire on this Blue destroy the Reds. Fire burns plants – so the Reds kill the Greens.

Control in

Your io tribes are moving behind the mouse. Buttons A Z to activate the skills at the right time. Different colors tribes has different skills that will pleasantly diversify the game. In addition, the game has many additional functions. Especially fun to use skills. Some skills are made solely for protection. But there are very insidious skills that can completely destroy an opponent. All that you have in Tribs io (Tribsio) you get from the chests. Additional chests are available for purchase for precious stones (gems) and even for donations.

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