Yorg.io: Yorgio

Yorg.io game is a single strategy in which you need to build and defend your base against zombie attacks. The task in Yorgio game is to hold out as much as possible of the conditional days. With each night, attacks are becoming stronger and require protection of higher quality. The first time in the game is not all clear and it takes a little time to understand the principles of the functioning of your camp base. In the daytime you build and strengthen your settlement. At night you defend and beat off zombie attacks. The more nights you will stay alive the better your achievement. After the night attacks, you will also have to repair the damaged fortifications and communication.

About Yorg io game

Yorg.ioThe laws to ensure the stability of your base in that you need to balance the income of crystals in the treasury with the costs of building mines, factories, communications and defensive structures. All that you create needs to be integrated into a single mechanism. This mechanism should be maximally productive and give a good profit. If this is not, then you simply do not have enough crystals to protect against more powerful zombie attacks.

How to start playing Yorg.io

First, we set up a capital and a mine for extraction. Then we build a factory for the production of cannonballs and install cannons. All this should be connected by transport communications. We build a protective wall along the perimeter. For fast construction of fortified supports it is possible to press LMB and to stretch in the necessary direction. As the proceeds to the treasury, use the means to improve the entire mechanism from mining to defense. You need to start the upgrade from the capital. After that, all other improvements become available. To do this, click on the object and you will see an available improvement.

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